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Here at the Wreckin Crew

We are not what many consider to be a “Clan”.
Instead we are a group of players that enjoy playing online games and playing with others while first and foremost having fun, playing fair, and making good friends.

Sometimes Clans tend to be too strict. Especially when it comes to donating money for the server, forcing members to play or practice at certain times, forcing members to only use certain weapons or to play on certain teams or maps or just preventing their members from playing on other servers.
To me, that seems to take the fun out of the game.

Playing with us here at Wreckin Crew should be fun, not a job.

We are also not a Pub because first off we don't just let anyone join and we are not a public group.

We would like to see Wreckin Crew set a standard of Fun, Respect, Loyalty and Friendship.
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theHUnter Update

theHunter News Update

  • New species – Feral Goats! You can find them all over Bushrangers Run

Game Design notes: Our Feral Goats have a lot of different fur textures (three common ones and a bunch of rares, all of them are present in both short and long fur variations). Their horns also vary significantly, featuring four main horn types of various sizes, with different degrees of rarity which, together with the assorted fur, provides a wonderful variety.

The scoring is based on CIC scoring. However, we had to make some adjustments to make it work for our game, hence the scoring will not always be comparable to e.g. Alpine Ibex.

The horn score is based on the actual size of the models in the game. The Feral Goats we have in the game are a pretty small variant. In real life these animals have different body sizes depending on where in the world they live, along with other influencing factors. Ours are small, therefore we had to keep the horn size down a bit to fit the model. We adapted the score for the horns to fit the references we have, so head:horn ratio should look accurate.

As a result, the largest horns can reach a really high value while the smallest horns can have a smaller value than what CIC score calculation would suggest.

Please note that currently some lower scoring Feral Goats will have CSS 0. We are looking into this issue and it will be fixed in the next patch.

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Rust Server Update

Rust Server Update

I will be updating the Rust Server along with all the Oxide Plugins. There will be a little down time on the server. Will be back up ASAP.

Posted by quadshield on Saturday 25 March 2017 - 11:42:17 Read/Post Comment: 0

Discord | New Communications

Discord | New Communications

We are going to try out a new communication program call Discord. Have only been using it for less then a day. But seems to be pretty cool so far. From what I have been hearing for other users of Discord its the next big thing. I guess it time for us to be moving outta the stone age. HaHa... Any how for more information on where to download it please visit the link below. You can use it on your PC and your smart phones. This way we can all ways be connected.

Posted by quadshield on Sunday 19 March 2017 - 11:22:15 Read/Post Comment: 0

Server Reporting

Servers Reporting

I have added a new feature to the website regarding our servers. If for any reason the servers are having issues please let me know. I have set it up to send me an e-mail right as soon as the server has been reported. You can find the link under the Information > Server report tabs. It is quick and easy. If I need to add any other info to the report I can. These are just the issues so far. Thanks in advance.

Posted by quadshield on Saturday 18 March 2017 - 12:44:14 Read/Post Comment: 0

Server Are Back Up

Servers Back Up

We had a power outage late last night, All servers have been restarted. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Looking into a new battery back up for the server and broadband.

Posted by quadshield on Tuesday 14 March 2017 - 19:48:58 Read/Post Comment: 0

Server Upgrade

Server Upgrade

I will be upgrading the memory on our server tomorrow. All of our servers will be down for approximately one hour. I will update this news thread prior to shutting the server down, then I will update the news post as it is completed.

I am shooting for a time frame of 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST.

Check the news comments for updates.

Posted by quadshield on Saturday 11 March 2017 - 23:53:31 Read/Post Comment: 4

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