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  • New species – Feral Goats! You can find them all over Bushrangers Run

Game Design notes: Our Feral Goats have a lot of different fur textures (three common ones and a bunch of rares, all of them are present in both short and long fur variations). Their horns also vary significantly, featuring four main horn types of various sizes, with different degrees of rarity which, together with the assorted fur, provides a wonderful variety.

The scoring is based on CIC scoring. However, we had to make some adjustments to make it work for our game, hence the scoring will not always be comparable to e.g. Alpine Ibex.

The horn score is based on the actual size of the models in the game. The Feral Goats we have in the game are a pretty small variant. In real life these animals have different body sizes depending on where in the world they live, along with other influencing factors. Ours are small, therefore we had to keep the horn size down a bit to fit the model. We adapted the score for the horns to fit the references we have, so head:horn ratio should look accurate.

As a result, the largest horns can reach a really high value while the smallest horns can have a smaller value than what CIC score calculation would suggest.

Please note that currently some lower scoring Feral Goats will have CSS 0. We are looking into this issue and it will be fixed in the next patch.

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